Mobile Automation using Appium and Robot Framework in Python

Raghwendra Sonu
2 min readMay 26, 2020


In this article we are going to develop an Automation framework for Mobile devices automation.

What is Robot Framework?

Read here:


Install above libraries using “pip install <libraryName>” command. e.g.

pip install robotframework

Connect device to your laptop and verify that it gets connected successfully.

Next is to create a Robot Project, i am using Eclipse with Red plugin for this article.

Here is the folder structure for the project:

TestSuite will be same for both Android and iOS platforms, whereas Object Repository is separated for easing future maintenance.

Application Under test:


Command to trigger execution:

1. Navigate to project library
2. Use below command at the terminal:
robot --variable OS:Android C:\ContactManager\TestSuites\Login\*.robot

Here is the execution video on real device- Samsung Tablet.


Hope this was useful! If you ever need my help, you can write in comments sections. Also, you can contact me through my LinkedIn Profile.

Git repository for the project used in this article is here:

You can download and explore it.



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